Traveling around the earth with nothing much in her pocket,

Sue hold signs at traffic lights,

under the sun,

under the rain.

she often lies and writes about the work she’d wish to have.

Her empty stomach is a reminder that she is still alive,

and she wanders to sleep under the stars.

She has a little radio and some Bowie’s songs that follows her,

places to crash when she feels lost,

why would she care about our world.

Here is a country build on fake money,

a green piece of paper that drives everyone crazy.

She might be the only sane person

if we look at death with open eyes.

She knows we will go back to the ball of energy from which we were born,

and when she stares at the midnight sun,

she knows the bird flying around is just a tray of light.

She walked through the mountains from Alamogordo to Artesia

and we met while petting the baby goat.