When you suddenly suffocate on the subway

When having neighbors becomes the most difficult thing

When it’s hard to breeze just walking the streets

When there is too much information for your brain

When there is too many people for your brain

May be it’s time to empty your world

I took the car one random night and I drove

I drove west towards the sunset

You are gone with the flow

gone with the useless dishes

gone with the outdated telephone


gone with the crappy books and the old toys

gone with the ancient habits and the sadness


gone with the dusty vase and the dead flowers

I left the apartment, my things and the people I knew

It was a dark night with no moon.

The road was long and straight

my stomach had shrunk to the size of a golf ball

And all I saw was the dead deer lying on the side

After a while, and as the sun was rising

the fear stopped

I fell in a dreamy state

hypnotised by the noise of steel

I did not see the dog seating in the middle of the road,

it was looking at me, staring at my eyes

I could not move my fingers or my arm, my body was paralysed

and it’s only at the last second that my hand turn the steering wheel.

The car crashed in a ranch fence

Before I collapsed I saw the deers jumping above the window


I woke up in the violent sun

the mouth dried as a cactus

Some twenty vultures flying overhead

but I was not ready to be eaten

I thought I was not going to smell the sea

I heard the sound of waves crashing

then being sucked up

I remember that we would record the sea

and lying on the carpet in Paris, my head on the square of sun

I would close my eyes and listen

the sea, the wind in the tree

Here is only a desert

As the sun was going down

I heard tire screeches

foot steps approaching and stepping away.

I think I blacked out for a few seconds and

Water, sacred water on my lips

Her name was Frances

she was heading to Big Sur on highway 10.

Now we are riding along

the cliffs of California

windows open

and as you could imagine

enjoying the sun and the wind like child

She didn’t see the truck coming



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